MOMICARE gently and deeply massages, cares for, and heals your body, providing the comfort that only a medical device can, as well as the kind of high-quality relaxation that sets your body and heart free.

You can enjoy convenient massaging while doing other things.

If you want to ease stiffness, pain, and fatigue immediately and completely, but find it difficult to set aside the time to do so, MOMICARE is the type of low-frequency pulse massager for you.
MOMICARE conveniently massages you anywhere, anytime while you do other day-to-day things.
Where will you experience massaging “while doing other things”?


MOMICARE employs a soft cushion gel sheet.

The cushion gel sheet has a smooth feel that makes it pleasant and enjoyable to use. It can be removed and replaced, and multiple sheets can be used – one for each family member.

* Use the MXTS-200GEL series gel sheets as replacement sheets.

MOMICARE gives priority to ease of use and safety.

MOMICARE’s thoughtful design enables you to turn it on and set the mode and strength by hand before attaching it where it is needed. The body detection sensor automatically stops MOMICARE as soon as the gel sheet leaves your skin.

Dedicated gel sheets for each part of your body.

We recommend using these when you want to intensively massage the soles of your feet or massage a wide area such as your waist.

* Spot type/Wide type

Cordless and rechargeable

MOMICARE is a compact and cordless massage device with a built-in lithium-ion battery.
A recharging power supply adapter and USB cable are included.
Once the battery is charged, you can use MOMICARE 7 times for about 15 minutes*.
The connection cable (sold separately) enables you to control MOMICARE by hand.

* When the strength level is set to 10 (maximum). The number of repetitions varies according to mode.

Maxell has utilized low-frequency technologies that have been developed over many years, and has researched various products related to medical devices.
Maxell runs its own factory, authorized in accordance with the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Law, in Tagawa District, Fukuoka prefecture.
Maxell has utilized its extensive knowledge of health care to develop original products that include “MOMICARE”.

Product range

Main unit

  • White

    1-unit packMXTS-MR200W1P JAN code: 4902580756550
    2-unit packMXTS-MR200W2P JAN code: 4902580756581

  • Pink

    1-unit packMXTS-MR200P1P JAN code: 4902580756567
    2-unit packMXTS-MR200P2P JAN code: 4902580756598

  • Black

    1-unit packMXTS-MR200B1P JAN code: 4902580756574
    2-unit packMXTS-MR200B2P JAN code: 4902580756604

Major specifications
Brand name MXTS Low-frequency Pulse Massager
Model MXTS-MR200
Category Equipment 78 Home-use Electric Massage Device
Medical device category Controlled medical device
General name Home-use low-frequency massage device
Medical device ID number 229AKBZX00042000
Rated voltage of main unit 3.7 V DC (lithium-ion battery)
Dedicated power supply adapter (for charging) Input: 100 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz, 0.4 W
Output: 5 V DC, 0.04 A
Maximum output current 10 mA or less
Maximum output voltage About 42 V at maximum setting
Power consumption (while working) About 0.1 W
Power consumption (while charging) About 0.2 W
Basic frequency About 1 to 100 Hz
Rated time About 15 minutes
Output pulse width 200 µ seconds
Timer Automatically turns off after about 15 minutes.
Quick mode: Automatically turns off after about 7 minutes.
Charging time 3 hours (at 10 to 35°C room temperature)
Set contents (1-unit pack) Main unit x 1
Gel sheet x 1
Protective sheet x 1
Power supply adapter x 1
USB cable x 1
User manual
Set contents (2-unit pack) Main unit x 2
Gel sheet x 2
Protective sheet x 1
Power supply adapter x 1
USB cable x 1
User manual
Material Main unit case: PC + ABS
Gel sheet: Acrylic gel
Dimensions (1 unit) Main unit: 44 (height) x 44 (width) x 10.5 mm (depth)
Gel sheet: 61 (height) x 125 (width) x 0.5 mm (thickness)
Weight (1 unit) About 25 g (main unit + gel sheet)

Replacement/dedicated gel sheets (sold separately)

Spot type
Wide type

White MXTS-200GELW2PJAN code: 4902580756611

Pink MXTS-200GELP2PJAN code: 4902580756628

Black MXTS-200GELB2PJAN code: 4902580756635

Spot type

JAN code: 4902580756659

Wide type

JAN code: 4902580756642

Major specifications
Standard Spot type Wide type
Brand name MXTS Gel sheet
Model MXTS-200GEL
Medical device category General medical device
General name Inductor for home-use low-frequency pulse massager
Medical device registration number 40B2X10023000001
Color White/Pink/Black White White
Set contents Gel sheet x 2 Gel sheet x 2 Gel sheet x 1
Protective sheet x 1
User manual
Material Acrylic gel
Dimensions 61 (height) x 125 (width) x 0.5 mm (thickness) 59 (height) x 190 (width) x 0.5 mm (thickness) 154 (height) x 180 (width) x 0.5 mm (thickness)
Weight About 12 g (1 piece) About 12 g (1 piece) About 41 g (1 piece)

Connection cable (sold separately)

JAN code:4902580756666

Major specifications
Product name Connection cable
Model MXTS-200CBL
Set contents Connection cable x 1
User manual
Cord length About 1.2 m
Weight About 14 g