Q.What are the advantages of OZONEO (low-concentration ozone anti-bacterial deodorizer)?

  • A.
    • OZONEO decomposes bacteria and odors at their source to eliminate smells, unlike an air freshener.
    • OZONEO is not a consumable item, and the continuous purchase of an air freshener is not required.
    • OZONEO does not use chemicals to eliminate bacteria or odor, so there is no need to worry about residual chemicals.
    • OZONEO eliminates bacteria and odor at the same time.
    • Ozone is a gaseous matter, and also works well in hard to reach places.

Q.Does ozone have a bodily effect?

  • A.
    • It is known that ozone has a unique smell and affects the body adversely according to the concentration.
      However, OZONEO provides low-concentration ozone (0.05 ppm or lower), lower than the environmental standard (0.06 ppm) stipulated by the Basic Environment Law, and allows for a comfortable life.

Q.What is the difference from an air cleaning device?

  • A.
    • An air cleaning device uses a filter, etc. to absorb dust or dirt from air and remove it, while OZONEO activates low-concentration ozone to oxidatively decompose bacteria, odor elements, and viruses. OZONEO is not equipped with a dust collection function.

Q.What smells does OZONEO work against?

  • A.
    • OZONEO decomposes and eliminates annoying odors coming from daily living and pets; and those in the toilet, bedroom, shoe cabinet, closet, and other spaces.

Q.Is there any smell OZONEO cannot eliminate?

  • A.
    • Artificial smells such as perfume may remain since they do not react with ozone.
    • The ozone odor-eliminating effect is also less effective against paint or fuel (gasoline and others).

Q.Can OZONEO be used in combination with an air cleaning device?

  • A.
    • OZONEO can be used in combination with an air cleaning device. For combined use, it is recommended to keep OZONEO away from the air cleaning device.

Q.I heard that ozone is an effective way to keep things fresh. Is it true?

  • A.
    • Ozone decomposes “ethylene”, a substance that accelerates the maturation of vegetables or fruits, therefore helping maintain their freshness.

Q.Can OZONEO be used in a refrigerator?

  • A.
    • OZONEO can be used within a temperature range of 0 to 40°C.
      However, the change in temperature may cause dew condensation inside OZONEO when taking it out of a refrigerator, and use of OZONEO in a refrigerator is not recommended.

Q.Can OZONEO be used in a car or toilet?

  • A.
    • As described in the user manual, a lithium-ion battery is built into MXAP-AR201, and it is not recommended to use or store this model in locations in direct sunlight or where high temperatures are likely. Please take extreme care not to leave it in a car.
      The recommended applicable range is a 1- to 8-tatami sized room.
      If you use OZONEO in a small space such as a car, toilet, or closet, the unique smell of ozone may remain there. Take the appropriate action to ventilate the area.

Q.Is it OK to run OZONEO for 24 hours a day?

  • A.
    • There is no problem with the continuous operation of OZONEO for 24 hours a day. Continuous use of the product is recommended in order to maintain its effectiveness.
      Low-concentration ozone is generated from oxygen in the air, and the running cost is lower. You don’t need to worry about the electricity expense when using OZONEO. (Electricity expense of MXAP-AR201 when running for 24 hours: 43 yen per month)*
    • *Based on the new electricity rate estimate (27 yen/kWh (including tax))

Q.How long is the interval for cleaning the electrode plate?

  • A.
    • The cleaning interval may change according to the room conditions. For convenient use, we recommend that you clean it periodically (once or twice each month). For a detailed explanation about how to carry out maintenance, refer to the “OZONEO maintenance method”.

Q.Please tell me what the product warranty period is.

  • A.
    • In case of a failure due to manufacturing, the product shall be replaced for free within one year from the date of purchase.
      Please read the user manual (guarantee attached) that comes with the product thoroughly.

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