Features of OZONEO

In many cases, germs cause odors in life.
The “OZONEO” low-concentration ozone anti-bacterial deodorizer causes low-concentration ozone to react with, decompose and deactivate odor sources in the air, completely eliminating odors.
The oxidizability of ozone is so strong that it is very effective against bacteria and viruses, in addition to odors.

  • *The product may not be effective for all odors, bacteria, and viruses.

Our newly-developed, unique “Air Success Technology” effectively generates three times more low-concentration ozone* than conventional models and produces ion wind without using a fan. Additionally, OZONEO generates very little operating noise thanks to silent fanless design that contains no rotating mechanisms. OZONEO is appropriate for quiet locations such as bedrooms and hospitals.

  • *OZONEO supports your comfortable lifestyle by providing low-concentration ozone (0.05 ppm or lower), adjusted to a level lower than the environmental standard (0.06 ppm) stipulated by the Basic Environment Law.

All it takes to maintain OZONEO is to remove the electrode plate (ring) from the main unit and rinse it with a brush, etc. OZONEO is easy to maintain.

  • *Continuous use of the product is recommended in order to maintain its effectiveness.
  • *The effectiveness of the product varies depending on the environment in which it is used, such as temperature and humidity, hours of use, and location.
  • *If there is a baby or a small animal in your home, choose where to install and use this product carefully.
  • *Be aware that metals that rust easily and natural rubbers may deteriorate when in contact with ozone.
  • *Unlike air cleaning devices, this product is not equipped with a dust collection function.
  • *This product is not waterproof. Do not use this product in places where it may be exposed to water, such as near the bath.
  • *<MXAP-APL250, MXAP-AR201> Do not bring your face to within 30 cm of the low-concentration ozone outlet.
  • *<MXAP-AM30> Do not bring your face to within 10 cm of the low-concentration ozone outlet.