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Animal hospital

Tokimatsu Animal Hospital

We set up OZONEO PLUS in the lobby (10-tatami sized space). After closing the shutter, we used OZONEO PLUS in the dog’s bedroom, and were surprised when we found that the strong body smell of a large-sized dog (Great Dane) disappeared.
Among the deodorizers we have used, we believe that OZONEO PLUS has the most powerful effect. Great!

Animal hospital

Shirokane Takanawa Animal Hospital

We were bothered by the odor of pet mess, and set up OZONEO PLUS. Then, the strong odor dissipated. OZONEO PLUS is of a compact size, generates no sound and is available everywhere, so we can enjoy the convenience. We can expect a positive effect, and will use it in other locations.

Animal hospital

Asakusabashi Cat Hospital

We set OZONEO PLUS in the treatment room and hospitalization room that had the most bothersome odor. In the past, a bothersome odor permeated the room, especially at the beginning of the day after a holiday since the amount of pet mess is larger and no one enters or leaves the hospital at this time. However, with OZONEO PLUS, we can enjoy a refreshing morning every day. I think OZONEO PLUS is good because it has a powerful odor-eliminating effect even though it is a compact size.

Animal hospital

Tagara Animal Hospital

OZONEO PLUS works in the lobby and examination room where patients enter and leave.
OZONEO PLUS has surprised us because it dramatically eliminated odors unique to pets and mold.
We can feel free to run OZONEO PLUS continuously because the monthly electricity cost is about 49 yen even if it runs all day, every day.

Animal hospital

Foresta Animal Hospital

We expected OZONEO PLUS to prevent viral infection and eliminate odors, and we put it in the examination room. Concerning the odor-eliminating effect, we have found that odors have been eliminated more than before. OZONEO PLUS is soundless, does not require special maintenance work, and is ultraportable. So, we will use it in other rooms also.


The sweaty smell of pillows and the odor of mold in the room seem to have been eliminated!
OZONEO works silently and I can still enjoy a good sleep.

I hardly hear the operating noise, and I can sleep all night. I found that the sweaty smell (perhaps the body odor of old people) of my husband’s pillow or the odor of mold in the room has decreased. Odors in the toilet bother us more and more, so we will try using it there also. In addition, we want to try another model.


I like OZONEO because it works silently and does not disturb my sleep.

I put it under the bed.
I like OZONEO because it works very silently and does not disturb my sleep.
I also like the compact and smart design.
OZONEO is a user-friendly device and I will use it in the future.


OZONEO may work well against the body odor of old people.
We would like two or three more units.

We use OZONEO in the bedroom. My wife says, “OZONEO may work well against the body odor of old people!” We also expect OZONEO will have a positive effect when drying laundry indoors in the rainy season. I can feel the positive effect. Two or three more units are best for use in the washroom, kitchen, toilet, and living room.
shiro 1951


My family members said to me, “I am hardly bothered by the smell of cigarettes.”

I usually smoke a pack of cigarettes indoors every day, and my family members said that the smell of cigarettes is bothersome. So, when I tried OZONEO for 24 hours, they said that almost all of the bothersome smell seems to be eliminated. Thank you, OZONEO!


The bothersome odor in the toilet has been eliminated!

I used OZONEO immediately. After a few minutes of turning it on, the bothersome odor in the toilet had been eliminated. I was surprised! OZONEO is rechargeable, and I will take it everywhere.
I will be able to get rid of the bothersome smell unique to the rainy season.


OZONEO excels in design, and I like the compactness!

In addition to the anti-bacterial and deodorizing effects, OZONEO excels in design, and I like the compactness.
OZONEO has a powerful effect when using it in a small toilet.


An air freshener may not be required...

OZONEO has such a powerful odor-eliminating effect that an air freshener is not required.
I like OZONEO because it also eliminates bacteria.

ToiletLiving roomEntrance and shoe cabinetKitchen

I have been surprised to discover that OZONEO has a powerful odor elimination effect despite its compactness!
I think OZONEO is cost-effective because it is rechargeable!

I have been surprised to discover that OZONEO has a powerful odor elimination effect despite its compactness! The portable and user-friendly OZONEO is very helpful. When I set up OZONEO in the toilet, it eliminated the bothersome odor unique to a toilet. When I put OZONEO in the room where the laundry was drying, the room smelled fresh although it usually smells damp due to drying laundry indoors. Additionally, the dried clothes did not smell damp because of drying laundry indoors. I have been really surprised by this powerful effect. I know there are a variety of odor elimination products, but OZONEO eliminates odor anytime and anywhere if it is charged. I have realized its cost-effectiveness.
I have been really surprised by the powerful odor elimination effect despite its compactness.

Pet area

Our dog seems not to be bothered because OZONEO works silently!

I set OZONEO in the room where our pet lives. The room smells a lot in the rainy season, but the smell does not bother me while OZONEO is at work. If I turn it off, it smells after a while. I’ve been surprised by the difference. Our dog seems not to be bothered because OZONEO works silently, and I felt free when using it.

Pet areaLiving room

I was bothered by the smell of our pet previously, but now it is not bothersome!

We’ve been bothered by the smells of our pet and an ammonia odor, but now we are free from such smell or odor because of OZONEO.

Pet areaLiving room

OZONEO had a great effect against the smell of our pet and laundry drying indoors.

We have a dog, and we cannot help being bothered by the smell in the high-temperature and high-humidity season. However, OZONEO solves this problem. We only half believed in its effectiveness because it is so compact, but we have been surprised by the higher odor elimination performance of OZONEO than we expected.
I also like OZONEO because it is portable. OZONEO had a great effect when drying laundry indoors. We are trying OZONEO in various rooms, and enjoying the high performance.

Living room

OZONEO is cost-effective because the monthly electricity expense is only 35 yen!

I set OZONEO in my favorite corner in my living room! I have been surprised by the silence of OZONEO at work! OZONEO is so capable that it even eliminates odor, bacteria, and viruses!
I like the variety of colors! I like OZONEO because there are three colors that you can choose from according to the room’s atmosphere!
OZONEO is cost-effective at only 35 yen for monthly electricity expenses, and I will stop using an air refresher. I want to put more than one unit of OZONEO in each room!

Entrance and shoe cabinet

Odor in the shoe cabinet has decreased!

I have been bothered by the odor in the shoe cabinet recently, and I set up OZONEO in it. When I checked the smell three days later, I did not smell it immediately and the odor itself had weakened although I used to smell it as soon as I opened the cabinet! I will keep using OZONEO there. Thank you, OZONEO!

Entrance and shoe cabinet

I’m impressed by the compactness and stylishness of OZONEO!

We have two dogs, and we do not smell them when the dogs are together with us. However, we sometimes sense the smell of our dogs when we enter the entrance hall from outside. So, we have decided to put OZONEO in a space in the corner of the entrance hall. OZONEO is very small, has a stylish design, and fits well in this space.
OZONEO is a compact size and user-friendly.


OZONEO is rechargeable but cordless, and we can easily carry it and select an appropriate place to put it.

We use OZONEO around the kitchen area. We charge it in advance since there is no power socket nearby, and set it up after dinner to use it. I think the lingering smell of food significantly decreases the next day. The OZONEO design is stylish and more compact than expected, and we will use it in our car and entrance this season.

My room

I’ve surprised that OZONEO works really well in spite of its very compact size!
I’m so glad that I bought OZONEO.

I was anxious about the very compact size, but I noticed that air in the room clearly changed in about 5 hours after turning the power on.
When I came into my home from outside, I didn’t sense a bothersome odor at all.
Additionally, OZONEO has a good design, and I was impressed especially by how it was painted.
If I may say so, OZONEO would be much better if the LEDs worked more clearly.
I look forward to more such compact products to be developed in the future.
I’m so happy that I bought OZONEO.

Pet areaIn a car

OZONEO seems to eliminate the smell of pets and refresh the air in the car.

I’ve tried OZONEO in the car!
Because we take our dog in the car, I’ve been always bothered by the smell.
Although usually I masked the smell by using a commercially available air freshener, OZONEO has eliminated the pet smell and the air in the car seems to have been refreshed!

In a car

OZONEO works really well in the car.

Considering that the built-in battery can run OZONEO, I thought of using it in the car or refrigerator. When I left OZONEO to work all night in the car, a great difference could be seen. I will try OZONEO in the refrigerator next time.
Kosone Really good product

In a car

I’m expecting OZONEO to eliminate the sweaty smell after enjoying sports and counteract the flu virus!

I’m using OZONEO in the car. When I got in the car after leaving OZONEO to work there all night, I didn’t sense the smell of sweat and food, and enjoyed the refreshed air in the car. I really like OZONEO because it has a built-in rechargeable battery and can be used during parking (at nighttime or in an indoor parking site free from the high temperature of the hot sun).
We can utilize OZONEO to eliminate the sweaty smell penetrating the air inside the car after enjoying sports, and to counteract spreading the flu virus when another family member uses the car after I catch cold and go to hospital.


I’ve really feel, “Don’t underestimate OZONEO because of its compact size!”

At first, I thought, “Can it really work well being such a compact size?” but was surprised when I used it. I used OZONEO in the kitchen because the smell there bothered me.
I think the food waste in the sink strainer and surrounding air after cooking produces less smell than before. After using OZONEO for a while, my husband said, “There is no smell of food waste at all.” I give thanks to OZONEO for this.
I would like to say, “Don’t underestimate OZONEO because of its compact size!”
I really like OZONEO!

Living roomkitchen

I’ve not been bothered by the smell of the kitchen!

I’m using OZONEO in the living room. The smell of the adjoining kitchen reached there and bothered me previously, but now I don’t sense the bothersome smell at all after starting to use it.
OZONEO is compact and user-friendly so it can be carried to the bedroom, toilet, or entrance and used immediately if the smell is bothersome. So, I really like it!

ClosetEntrance and shoe cabinet

OZONEO completely charges during the nighttime, and I set it where the smell is bothersome when going out.

In the rainy season, the smell of dampness bothers us. I set OZONEO in the closet or shoe cabinet. I charge OZONEO completely in the nighttime, and set it up where the smell bothers me when going out. When I come home, the smell has greatly decreased!
I really like OZONEO for its simple but fresh design.

My roomliving room

OZONEO fits really well everywhere and greatly satisfies me!

OZONEO fits really well everywhere and completely eliminates the sweaty smells in our child’s room. OZONEO is a compact size and I can carry it easily. OZONEO greatly satisfies me!
I appreciate that this compact but high-performance product has been developed! I expect more useful and stylish products will emerge in the future.

My roomKitchen

It’s dramatic! Odor from the waste pipe has decreased, and we can now enjoy a comfortable room!

I’m living in a 27-year-old building (studio equivalent to a 10-tatami sized room), and I was bothered by the odor rising from the waste pipe. I put air fresheners at several points in the room. But they were almost ineffective and I abandoned using them. Additionally, an ozone anti-bacterial deodorizer was not an option because it is large-sized and expensive. However, OZONEO is compact and inexpensive, and I bought the interior type as a trial. OZONEO worked really well! Although I can’t say that the odor has completely gone, it has dramatically decreased. The room has greatly changed and become a comfortable one. Thank you, OZONEO.

Entrance and shoe cabinet

Odor in the shoe cabinet has decreased! I also want to use OZONEO in the toilet or washroom...

I set up OZONEO in the shoe cabinet. The shoe cabinet is filled with humidity and the smell of shoes, but the bothersome sweaty smell was eliminated after 10 days. I’m really satisfied with OZONEO because I feel the effect although it is compact. I also want to use OZONEO of a different color in the toilet or washroom.
OZONEO has a stylish design and fits well in the room as an interior accessory. I want to use a larger type for the bedroom, etc. I really like OZONEO because it works silently.