MXAP-FA100Effects in Demonstration Tests

Bacteria elimination effect test

Eliminates 99.95% of bacteria over 4 hours.Recommended for preventing mold and germs.

The device was set up in an enclosed space of about 25m3, emulsion of the bacteria was sprayed for 15 minutes while running the agitating fan, the air was agitated for 2 minutes, and then airborne bacteria were initially (0 minutes) collected from the test space. Then, the bacteria were collected for each specified time, and the airborne bacteria count was obtained.

Test facility: Kitasato Research Center for Environmental Science

Odor elimination effect test

Greatly reduces methanethiol (the smell of rotten onions)

The device was set up in the closed space of a desiccator (about 109 liters), and the test odor gas was added until the gas concentration reached the specified value. The device was operated at room temperature, and the gas concentration in the desiccator was measured by using the gas detection tube at 0, 30, 60, 120, and 180 minutes.

Test facility: Japan Food Research Laboratories

Virus removal effect test

Eliminates 99% of viruses over 24 hours.Recommended for preventing airborne infections and those spread through contact.

The device and virus fluid (2 mL in a petri dish (6 mm in diameter)) were set up in the closed space of a test box (about 27 liters), they were stored at room temperature while running the device, and the infection value was measured after 24 hours

Test facility: Japan Food Research Laboratories

  • These effects have not been verified in actual usage conditions. This product may not be effective for all odors, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Although ozone decreases viruses and other infections, it gives no guarantee for infection prevention.
  • These test results are as of November 2018.