Background to Our Personal Information Protection Policy

Maxell, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the company") handles a variety of information, including the company's technical information and information provided by customers, through the business activities of its energy, industrial materials, electronic appliance and consumer product divisions. The company has therefore worked to establish and fully enforce an information management system in order to respect the value of such information.
With this background, the company will endeavor to create rules and establish a management system for personal information protection within the company, and will set up a privacy policy and promote it among board members and employees. The company will also take measures to make the privacy policy easily accessible to the general public. The company will strive to protect personal information in an appropriate manner based on this policy.

Enacted on February 1, 2005
Revised on October 1, 2017
President and Representative Director, Maxell, Ltd.
Keiji Nakamura

Definition of Personal Information

The company defines personal information as information concerning existing individuals, including names, birth dates and other descriptions thereof, or numbers, symbols, codes, images or sounds assigned to them that identify individuals (including information that cannot identify the individuals by itself, but can identify them by means of cross-checking with other information). It shall not be limited to any information by which that person can be identified, but shall include any information that indicates a fact, recognition and assessment about the attribute of individuals, including physical characteristics, property, occupation or status.

Scope of Application

This document "Background to Our Personal Information Protection Policy" shall provide for the handling of personal information acquired by the company from customers in the course of business.

Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. Establishment of Rules for Managing Personal Information and Continual Improvement of Personal Information Protection Management System

    The company will make sure that all members of the organization recognize the importance of personal information protection, and will steadily establish rules for managing personal information and implement a Personal Information Protection Management System to ensure that such information is used appropriately and protected. Furthermore, these rules will be maintained and improved on a continual basis.

  2. Collecting, Using and Providing Personal Information and Forbidding Usage for Other Purposes

    In consideration of the handling of personal information through business activities, the company will establish a management system for personal information protection that is appropriate for each business activity, and will handle personal information appropriately when collecting, using, or providing such information, in accordance with the designated rules. Furthermore, the company will use such information only for the purposes specified, and will take measures to ensure the implementation hereof.

  3. Implementing and Modifying Safety Measures

    To ensure the correctness and safety of personal information, in accordance with the rules for information security, the company will implement various measures such as managing access to personal information, restricting means for transporting personal information outside the company, and preventing unauthorized access from outside the company, and will strive to prevent leakage, loss or destruction of personal information.

  4. Observance of Laws and Standards

    The company will follow laws regarding the handling of personal information, guidelines and other standards provided by the Japanese government. The company will also bring its personal information management rules into conformity with these laws, guidelines and other standards.

  5. Respecting Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Information

    When you make a request to disclose, correct, or delete your own personal information, or seek to prevent the use or provision of such information, or make a complaint or consultation request, the company will respond with sincerity, respecting your rights with respect to such personal information.

Privacy Mark

The company is granted the right to display the "Privacy Mark", which is a mark granted by JIPDEC to business entities that handle personal information appropriately.

Purpose of Use and Providing Information to Third Parties

  1. The company shall use the customer's personal information only to the extent required for the following purposes.
    1. Sending letters introducing scheduled events or new products to customers
    2. Providing membership services to customers
    3. Providing after sales services to customers
    4. Responding to inquiries from customers
    5. Responding to requests for repair from customers
    6. Responding to accidents or complaints from customers
    7. Analyzing products and services to improve content
    8. Implementing questionnaires for customers, and analyzing their results
    9. Implementing contracts concluded between the company and customers
    10. Communication with customers for business negotiations or discussions
    11. Administrative work relating to various recruitment activities held by the company
    12. Recruitment activities carried out by the company, such as selection process or job offer notifications or delivery of documents
    13. Producing IC, magnetic and other cards and related products, and delivery of those products
    14. Administrative work regarding stocks and shares

    When the company requests that customers provide the personal information described above directly in writing (including electronic means, via a website, by e-mail, or by other means), the company will express the purpose of the collection or usage of the personal information and gain the customer's agreement to the content thereof.

  2. The company shall not provide any personal information to third parties without the prior permission of the customer.
    However, in the following cases, the company will provide personal information to third parties without permission from customers.
    1. In cases based on law.
    2. In cases where it is required for the protection of another person's life or body or property, but there is difficulty obtaining permission from the customer.
    3. In cases where it is required especially for improving public sanitation or promoting the healthy development of children, but there is difficulty obtaining permission from the customer.
    4. In cases where the company is required to cooperate with a government organization or local government or other party delegated by them in the execution of their administrative work as stipulated by law, but where problems may arise in executing such work due to the need to obtain permission from the customer.
    5. In cases where the company has delegated the handling of personal information to another party within the scope required for acquiring such information or achieving the purpose of use.
    6. In cases where the company transfers personal data, according to business succession by merger, company spilt or any other reason.
  3. The company may "jointly use" personal information with its affiliated companies in business activities. Such personal information includes the following items.
    1. Personal data items that are jointly used
      Personal data items defined above in the "Definition of Personal Information"
    2. Scope of joint use
      The company's affiliated companies
    3. Purpose of use of jointly used personal data
      The purpose provided in Section 1 above
    4. Entity responsible for the management of joint use
      Maxell, Ltd.

Usage of Cookies and Web beacons

The company uses cookies*1 and web beacons*2 in its website, in order to revise or modify the content and services of the website for the ease of use of customers. It identifies your device, typically your web browser, but it cannot identify you as an individual.
Some cookies are necessary to operate our website (e.g. establishing sessions), while other cookies provide enhanced functionality, gather analytical data to improve performance, enable us or our AdTech partners to deliver personalized advertisements by tracking you across the internet, or enable sharing via social media.
Where legally required, you can choose whether to allow us or third-parties (our analytics, AdTech and social media partners) to set cookies which are not strictly necessary for the functioning of the website via the cookie banner and settings provided on the website.

Definition of Terms

  1. Cookies
    This is information exchanged between a web server that controls a website and a web browser that a person uses. Cookies may be saved as files in the disk of a person's computer.
    If you use a cookie, the web server can record information about which pages in the website the particular computer accesses. However, the person cannot be identified unless he/she enters personal information into the website.
  2. Web Beacons
    This is technology that functions with a cookie to confirm how many times a person accesses a particular page. However, the person cannot be identified unless he/she enters personal information when receiving cookies.

Request to Customer

  1. Most services provided by the company are accessible without the customer submitting personal information. However, the customer agrees by using the website that some of the services provided cannot be used without submitting personal information.
  2. If the customer uses a third party's website to which the company's website is linked, the company is not liable for the protection of the customer's personal information.
  3. The customer shall submit personal information to the website after agreeing to the "Background to Our Personal Information Protection Policy". If the customer does not agree thereto, he/she may not be able to use the inquiry services provided by the company.


  1. To ensure that personal information is properly protected, and in accordance with the enactment or revision of laws and other standards, the company may revise the personal information protection policy described on the website. The customer is encouraged to visit the website periodically to review the most recent Personal Information Protection Policy.
  2. The content of the website shall apply after the posted date (including dates of changes).
  3. If any bylaw on personal information is expressed individually in content provided by the company, or is linked to content described the same, the content of such personal information prevails over any other content.

Contact Information

If you have any concerns regarding the "Background to Our Personal Information Protection Policy", please contact us as follows.

Personal Information Protection Manager (by deputy): a director of personal information protection, Maxell, Ltd.

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Personal Information Consultation Desk, Maxell, Ltd.
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Accredited Personal Information Protection Organization

Maxell is a member of the following accredited personal information protection organization*3.

*3 Third party organization that deals with complaints and provides information as described in the Personal Information Protection Law.

Name of the Accredited Personal Information Protection Organization

Personal Information Protection Complaint Center


Roppongi First Building, 1-9-9 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan


03-5860-7565, 0120-700-779

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