MXFC-1000(* This product is mainly sold through businesses such as hair and beauty salons, etc.)llexam multi-function hot/cold facial system

Detect and treat blemishes at home for naturally beautiful skin

  • Four skin care modes
  • Spot detector incorporated
  • Equipped with a thermal head and a cooling head

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Four skin care modes


 Uses ions to remove fine dirt left in pores after washing your face.

・MOIST mode [Spot detector]

 Helps cosmetic moisturizers penetrate the outer layers of skin for deep moisturization.

・MASK mode

 Delivers micro vibrations and switches between charges to enhance the benefits of moisturizing lotion and sheet masks.

・COOL mode

  Firms skin with soothing, cooling effect.

Spot detector incorporated

In MOIST mode, the spot detector offers five different levels of vibration intensity to indicate that a blemish or other spot has been detected

  • The spot detector will also react to moles, bruises, and other dark areas of the skin.
  • The spot detector cannot detect blemishes when cotton is attached.
  • The spot detector is not intended for diagnosis or treatment of skin conditions.

Equipped with a thermal head and a cooling head

Usage scenarios

Facial skincare

Product range

Product typeModelColorPurchasePrice
Multi-function hot/cold facial system MXFC-1000 White

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Model MXFC-1000
Input voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Power consumption About 8 W (100 V AC when charged)
External dimensions 52 (width) ×67 (depth) ×179 (height) mm
Weight Approx.200g
Accessories Power adaptor,cotton ring(2),protective cap,user manual (guarantee included)

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