MXZW-WM100J (* This product is (These products are ) are for business use. ) Professional Use Ozone Water Generator “OZONEO AQUA Watermix”

Uses and features

There is a growing need for a bacteria elimination method which is friendly to both humans and the environment and which leaves no residue at workplaces where hygiene control is required.

Ozone is made of oxygen in the air. After reacting with bacteria and viruses, it decomposes to oxygen and water. Unlike bacteria elimination with an antimicrobial, ozone leaves no residue or environmental load. Ozone water is effective for bacteria and odor elimination via oxidation, just like ozone gas. Ozone in the water also decomposes to oxygen (O2) after reaction.

In recent years, one of the major problems is the potential growth in the number of deaths due to antimicrobial-resistant (AMR*) bacteria. As a result, there is a growing need to inhibit antimicrobial-resistant bacteria during the bacteria elimination process. Ozone water destroys the cell wall (membrane) of the bacterial cell through the chemical reactions of proteins and ozone, causing the cell components to leak out. Unlike bacteria elimination with an antimicrobial, it prevents bacteria from becoming antimicrobial-resistant.

*Antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) bacteria: Bacteria that have acquired resistance to antimicrobials, especially antibiotics.

[Features of the ozone water generator]

The body is compact and has a small-footprint.

The body is compact with outer dimensions of width 125 mm x depth 46 mm x height 189 mm (protrusions not included). It weighs approx. 400 g (main unit only). It can be installed near a water faucet because of its small footprint.

It’s easy to use. Just attach OZONEO AQUA to a water faucet and turn on the faucet to generate ozone water.

Running costs are low because no special water is required as raw material.

OZONEO AQUA Watermix generates ozone water by mixing ozone gas into tap water. Running costs are low because you don’t have to keep purchasing special water as raw material.

The microbubble mixer attached to the faucet increases ozone solubility.

Ozone gas generated by the main unit of OZONEO AQUA Watermix is mixed with tap water running through the microbubble mixer. Microbubbles are generated to increase ozone solubility. An ozone water concentration of up to 0.2 mg/liter can be achieved when the operating temperature range of tap water is 5 to 40℃ and the flow rate is 4 liters/min.

[Characteristics of ozone water]

Ozone water leaves water and oxygen after an oxidation reaction. It is water which has been treated for bacteria elimination, kind to both humans and the environment.

The molecular formula of ozone is O3, which means it is made of oxygen (O2). Ozone is extremely unstable and reactive. It readily reacts with another substance to return to oxygen. It reacts with germs and odor-causing substances, eliminating bacteria and odors.

Use of ozone water is a bacteria elimination method that does not cause antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) bacteria*1 to appear.

It is thought that the mechanism by which ozone water prevents the appearance of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria is as follows.
(1) The cell membrane is damaged, which leads to the destruction of the cell membrane.
(2) Ozone that entered the cell breaks down RNAs and ribosomes.
(3) Denaturation of enzymes in the cell membrane prevents the bacterial cell from metabolizing and producing energy.
(4) Ozone damages the cell’s chromosomes and/or constituent DNA. A series of these processes occur simultaneously and disrupt the structure of the bacterial cell. As a result, it does not cause antimicrobial-resistant bacteria to appear*2.

Ozone water is a food additive. It can be used for cleaning foods.

In Japan, ozone water has been used as an “existing food additive” for bacteria elimination in food factories and restaurants.

  1. Antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) bacteria: Bacteria that have acquired resistance to antimicrobials, especially antibiotics.
  2. Source: “Guidelines for Use of Ozonated Water in Environmental Fields” p. 9, Japan Society for the Medical & Hygienic Use of Ozone, Environment Application Panel/Ozonated Water Research Group, 2013


Model MXZW-WM100J
Power supply Dedicated power adapter (Input: 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, Output: 12 V DC, 1 A)
External dimensions 125 (width) x 46 (depth) x 189 (height) mm (not including protrusions)
Weight About 400 g (main unit only)
Operating temperature range 5 to 40℃
Ozone generation Maximum 100 mg/h
Ozone concentration Maximum 0.2 mg/liter (at a flow rate of 4 liters/min)
Accessories Microbubble mixer x 1, dedicated wrench x 1, dedicated power adapter x 1, silicon tube x 1 (about 150 cm), user manual (guarantee included), faucet adapter x 1 set, check valve x 2, screw and anchor x 1 each, air inlet filter x 5, cable tie x 5, mounting base x 4, adhesive tape x 2 sets

  • This product may not be effective for all odors, bacteria, and viruses.
  • The actual product may differ slightly from the photographs and illustrations shown on this website.
  • The specifications and design of the product shown on this website are subject to change without notice.


Part names and functions

(1) Main unit

(2) Microbubble mixer and power adapter

Included faucet adapters

Which parts require periodic replacement? How do I replace them?

A. The parts that require periodic replacement are the air inlet filter (once every 6 months recommended) and check valve (once every 12 months recommended). The replacement method is as follows.

How do I carry out maintenance of the microbubble mixer?

Rinse it in water. The maintenance procedure is as follows.