MXAP-ARD100The “OZONEO” anti-bacterial deodorizer

The power of ozone completely eliminates the annoying odors caused by drying laundry indoors.

  • The strong oxidizability of ozone decomposes the bacteria that causes that annoying, semi-dry odor of laundry drying indoors*1.
  • The fan blows ozone wind directly onto laundry to completely eliminate odor.
  • This is recommended also for bacteria/odor elimination in a closet where humidity tends to accumulate.
  • Decreases mold easily generated by drying laundry indoors.
  • Blows air effectively by swinging by up to 60 degrees horizontally and by changing the wind direction at up to 3 levels vertically.
  • The user-friendly and compact remote controller is included.
  1. Decreases the bacteria that cause annoying odors: This product may not be effective for all odors, bacteria, and viruses.

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Decomposes bacteria and annoying odors at their sources, utilizing the powerful oxidizability of ozone*1.

The “OZONEO” anti-bacterial deodorizer for drying laundry indoors (MXAP-ARD100) completely decomposes bacteria and annoying odors in the air, utilizing low-concentration ozone*2.

Convenient functions

[Horizontal swing]

Automatic horizontal swing function with a range of about 60 degrees.

[Vertical angle control]

Vertical angle can be manually controlled at three-levels (0/45/90 degrees.)


Can be set from one to seven hours.

(If the timer is not set, operation will be stopped after eight hours due to Auto OFF function.)

[Airflow switch]

Can be switched between three levels (Low/Mid/High) according to amount of laundry.

Remote controller

Compact remote controller is included.

Convenient functions for a variety of uses


You can set two timer stages: continuous operation and eight-hour operation.

Mode switch

You can adjust the amount of low-concentration ozone that OZONEO generates.
(Recommended applicable range*8: 1- or 2-tatami sized room in normal mode, 3- to 8-tatami sized room in high mode)

  1. Decomposition of bacteria, viruses, and odors at the source: This product may not be effective for all odors, bacteria, and viruses.
  2. Low-concentration ozone: Ozone adjusted to a level lower than the environmental standard (0.06 ppm) stipulated by the Basic Environment Law.

Product range

Product typeModelColorPurchasePrice
Anti-bacterial deodorizer MXAP-ARD100 White

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  • The effectiveness of the product varies depending on the environment in which it is used, such as temperature and humidity, hours of use, and location.
  • If there is a baby or a small animal in your home, choose where to install and use this product carefully.
  • Do not bring your face to within 30 cm of the low-concentration ozone outlet.
  • Be aware that metals that rust easily and natural rubbers may deteriorate when in contact with ozone.
  • Unlike air cleaning devices, this product is not equipped with a dust collection function.
  • This product is not waterproof. Do not use this product in places where it may be exposed to water, such as near the bath.
  • Install the product at a distance of about 50 cm from laundry.
  • The specifications and design of the product shown on this website are subject to change without notice.
  • The color of the actual product may differ slightly from the photographs shown on this website.




Power supply

AC100V 50/60Hz

Power consumption 50/60 Hz


Wind speed







Swing angle


About 60 degrees (automatic)


0/45/90 degrees (three levels, manual)

Ozone generation

Maximum 10 mg/h



1 to 7 hours

Auto OFF

8 hours

External dimensions

250 (width) x 250 (depth) x 197 (height) mm (when vertical angle is 0 degrees)


About 2.4 kg

Power cord

About 1.6 m


Remote controller (CR2032 battery included), user manual (guarantee included)

Photos Download

MXAP-ARD100 device
MXAP-ARD100 device
MXAP-ARD100 0degrees
MXAP-ARD100 45degrees
MXAP-ARD100 90degrees
MXAP-ARD100 Remote controller